FAQ’s about getting started with Crossfit Mozomo

What is CrossFit Mozomo About?

CrossFit is a great way to feel better for life.

Looking to join CrossFit Mozomo but you don’t need the 6-Week Transformation Challenge?

We offer four, one-hour personal sessions with one of our coaches to get you up to speed. Once you have the basics down, you are free to enter any of the CrossFit regularly scheduled classes.

My schedule doesn’t work with the 6-Week transformation challenge. Will the four starter sessions be the same?

Not exactly. These four sessions are the basics of our training program. If you are looking for transformational results we suggest considering doing 8 training sessions with us (that suit your schedule) and we will be able to get you started with the exercise and nutrition sections of the 6-Week Transformation challenge in a one-on-one situation. So if team workouts are not your thing, or you can’t make the class times work, this solution will get you results and give you confidence going forward with your training.

I’ve done CrossFit before, do I have to do the four starter sessions?

Yes and No. We can do a movement assessment to see if you meet the basic movement standard to enter the classes without the sessions. We do this to ensure that you get the most out of the classes as well as to ensure that you understand the movements and safety standards that we use at CFM.

How do I sign up for the four One-hour sessions?

Email Michele: info@crossfitmozomo.com

Who will be my coach?

We start by aligning you with a coach that matches your needs and your schedule. Please note: not all coaches are available at all times.

I’m in Collingwood on weekends / holidays/ or dropping in from out of town – can I come to CrossFit Mozomo to workout?

Click on this link to the schedule Register and pay online for DROP-IN. Fill out ONLINE WAIVER. Remember to show up ten minutes early so we say hi and get to know you a little before class!