Affordable Family Law is here to guide you through your divorce and resolve your family law issues in a cost effective way. We know this new beginning won’t be easy at times, but we’ve helped many clients just like you, achieve an outcome that is fast, simple and affordable.


Family law is complex and can get expensive. I am a Family Lawyer and my practice focuses on all matters related to Family Law. After starting Hussain law, I wanted to offer additional services that would provide access to justice to self-litigants and I started Affordable Divorce Law. At Affordable Law I strive to provide transparent prices for legal services ranging from simple divorce applications to providing legal coaching. My goal is to make sure my client achieves at an outcome where the benefits outweigh the costs. I accept Legal Aid Certificates and provide cost effective solutions for those individuals who are unable to qualify for Legal Aid or afford to pay extensive legal fees. Contact me today and let’s get started.

Our approach is simple:


Flexible Appointments

We can work with your schedule and offer appointments in-person or by Zoom.


Fixed Fees

We have fixed fees for many of our services so there are no unexpected surprises.


Reduce Stress

We help you navigate through the court process.


Clear Communication

We provide clear instructions with no legal jargon.

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Our Pricing

Transparent pricing for simple divorce applications.

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