Niagara Academy strives to meet the goals of university-bound students while challenging them to realize personal excellence. We seek to admit qualified student-athletes whose athletic and academic abilities will contribute to and benefit from rigorous educational and high performance training. As such, all of the courses we offer at Niagara Academy are at the Academic Level in accordance with the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education.


Our predominant teaching and coaching style fosters success at college, university and beyond. It is mainly structured, adaptive self-teaching, rounded out with group learning to ensure that the students can perform constantly on their own initiative, while being fully capable of functioning in teams, as either team members or leaders.


Every staff member encourages the pursuit of excellence in character, leadership and scholarship. Our rich and varied community cultivates the values of commitment, courage, and compassion. Whether students aspire to become champions or attain a university scholarship, their ambition will find a strong foundation on which to flourish. We strive to not only develop champions, but independent thinkers, with magnificent learning skills, who will excel in today’s competitive world.


Niagara Academy of Tennis was established in 1997, by Ms Lezlie Murch, who saw a need for students to combine excellence in tennis with excellence in academic studies.

Niagara Academy of Tennis unique program has attracted students from across Canada, as well as from around the world. Since its inception, the program has been enriched by students from Argentina, Armenia, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, United States, and Venezuela.

We are proud of our many accomplishments since 1997 and look forward to the continued successes of the student-athletes.


Niagara Academy of Tennis
Dr. Sivakumar Annamalai – President

In August 2018, founder, Lezlie Murch, passed the leadership of Niagara Academy of Tennis to Dr. Sivakumar Annamalai.

Prior to life at Niagara Academy of Tennis, Dr. Sivakumar Annamalai created a diverse and prosperous life for himself and his family in Tiruchi, India and spent quite a number of years as an ENT Surgeon in the UK. Although Siva lived a very comfortable life in both locations, and also demonstrated his multifaceted approach to bettering not only himself, but also others, he still held a desire to advance his career in the multicultural land of Canada! In 2008, he found an exciting opportunity in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and soon after, his family settled as landed immigrants.

While being wholeheartedly dedicated to his healthcare profession, Siva simultaneously demonstrated his passion and commitment to aiding in the development of healthy and independent young adults.

Siva was inspired by his father, who opened the doors of the Cauvery College for Women in 1984. This institution originated with only 40 students and has since grown to become a multi-campus institution hosting over 5,300 students. Its focus is to not only develop the technical skills of its students, but to also nurture professional competency, self confidence, managerial abilities and entrepreneurial development.

In searching for an opportunity for the Sivakumar children, Ray and Rhea, to progress in tennis while gaining a valuable education on the same campus, they discovered the Niagara Academy of Tennis, in Vineland, Ontario.

Niagara Academy of Tennis provided the home-like environment they were looking for, as well as an atmosphere where student-athletes can develop into respectful, kind and strong independent thinkers.

Siva was able to further his interest in the development of a well-rounded education for student-athletes when Lezlie decided to retire. As the new president of Niagara Academy of Tennis, Siva’s plan is to have a top-notch team of professionals who share his goal of growing Niagara Academy of Tennis. His vision involves expanding Niagara Academy of Tennis horizons by recruiting talented student athletes from additional countries. Most recently, students have come to Niagara Academy of Tennis from India, Bolivia and France.

His long-term plan is to acquire an additional Niagara Academy of Tennis site, and to offer state of the art facilities for both on-court training and in-classroom studies. These are only a couple of the many fresh ideas included in Siva’s overall vision, but as with all successful institutions, it takes patience, passion, persistence, and positive energy to make every vision a successful reality.

Niagara Academy of Tennis thanks Lezlie for providing the foundations of Niagara Academy of Tennis and looks forward to the coming years of growth and success.


Niagara Academy of Tennis
3373 First Avenue
Vineland, Ontario L0R 2E0