Sellers – Low Flat Fee. Experienced Agents. Full Serivce

Let’s get right to the point no one likes to pay commission but everyone wants a full service brokerage. With that in mind New Era has designed a new hybrid real estate model for our sellers where we give full service real estate for a flat fee of $5,900 as opposed to the regularly charged 2.5%. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, unlike Comfree or Property guys you are not charged this fee until your property is sold and the deal has closed meaning we will be fully invested in your property until the job has been successfully completed!

We have seen countless people try to avoid commissions by attempting to sell privately only to end up frustrated after months on the market and an endless stream of strangers in and out of your home. On top of that they will charge you an UPFRONT fee and in most cases a cancellation fee (no one has ever cancelled with us but if you do its free). Our listing model grants you an enjoyable and stress free selling process all while keeping your money where it belongs, in your pocket.

A brief breakdown of what you can expect from us is listed below.

There is much more to getting your home sold and for the right price then just loading the details up on the mls. We handle every detail no matter how small while at the same time walking you through the entire process step by step. For the majority of people their home is their largest asset and we understand getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar is paramount.

Potential buyers won’t be able to help but take notice as the best features of your home and neighbourhood are highlighted, so when we get our hands on your property you can be sure thousands of people will have their eyes on it.


When choosing an agent you want someone who you feel comfortable with and are not afraid to ask all the questions you may have. We offer around the clock service and we always make sure to work around your schedule because as with most cases when selling a home timing is everything.

A lot of our agents started off as strictly buyer’s agents which has gained them insight as to what exactly a buyer is looking for in each area which is a huge advantage when listing your home.

Using new age marketing along with the more traditional forms everyone will become aware of your property fast!

Everyone has that neighbour or colleague who happens to know everything about the current market conditions and what they think your house will sell for. We like to use the hard facts of this beautiful jungle called the real estate market. Through our comparative market analysis we will show you which houses have sold, for how much, in how many days, which homes are still on the market and the trending direction of prices in your area. Each neighbourhood is different and we will show you why.

A couple things to consider when selecting a listing price…You want to avoid over pricing your home as this would scare off many serious buyers and at the same time you don’t want to price your home too low because you will be leaving money on the table. There is the always the option of pricing your home for multiple offers and we will go into that with you when the time comes. We work with you to select the best possible price because ultimately the choice is yours.

Although tedious, signing the listing papers is the necessary step taken to make the listing of your home official. The forms to be signed are the Seller Representation Agreement, MLS Agreement (not necessary for an exclusive listing), FINTRAC Form and the Working with a Realtor form, which will all be explained in detail before you sign.

Clean! Clean everything and clean often. Your home only has one first impression so lets make it a great one. Nothing is more distracting to a potential buyer then an unclean house. We want the buyer’s full attention on the beauty of your home.

Next depersonalize and declutter the entire house, the goal is always to make the home feel airy and open in hopes the potential buyer’s will start to picture themselves living here.

An option that you may be interested in is hiring a professional home stager who can really bring out the potential of you home and increase your selling price. Only negative is it can be pretty pricy and may not be ideal for all situations. We have some great contacts if you are interested in this that I would be happy to pass along.

Once the house is clean and the clutter is gone we will bring in our team of professionals and take stunning photos and other media where we introduce the neighbourhood and property features to the thousands of potential buyers.

Now its time to tell the people…

Time to get buyers interested… These days 90% of home buyers start their search online and that’s why a large chunk of our advertising is focused on flooding the major social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Kijiji, LinkedIn and Instagram). Your property is immediately uploaded to and our YouTube channel making not only local but overseas investors aware of your property.

Our interactive website allows us to keep potential buyers on our site longer where your home will be prominently featured, it’s extremely user friendly and provides all the information one would need regarding the real estate process. We allow anyone visiting our site to share your listing with a friend, creating a larger network of buyers.

Just listed post cards and feature/benefit brochures will be distributed to the surrounding area because there’s always people who have friends or family looking to move near by. To top it all off an eye catching for sale sign will be situated in front of your property.

Our marketing strategies offer a more intimate approach to selling real estate, which provides maximum exposure for our client’s homes, we will walk you through our strategy and answer any questions you may have.

Showings are not a fan favourite, having people come in and out of your home and disrupting your day is never easy but you must do everything you can to allow every viewing because each one is a potential buyer!

We will make this part of the process as painless as possible by only scheduling viewings in the time frames you are comfortable with and making sure each buyer is accompanied by a registered real estate professional. If this is an investment property which is currently leased, we will take care of contacting the tenant to make sure the property is available to show. A lock box will be available on the property which only realtors will be able to access.

One of two things can happen here we can either have multiple offers or a single offer. You, the seller have options, you can either reject the offer, accept the offer or in most cases counter the offer adjusting select details proposed to you by the buyer.

There are 3 major issues to consider when reviewing an offer: Price, Closing and Conditions.

  1. Price is for many people the most important, at the end of the day people want the highest dollar amount possible for their home. We will help guide you as to what is the best course of action to take when presented with an offer to obtain peak market value.
  2. The closing date can either save you money or cause the transition to your new home to become expensive. You would like a date that will avoid any gap between the sale of your home and the move in date or your new one so you do not have to use storage facilities, hotels, rent a place etc.
  3. Common conditions could include the buyer obtaining financing, the buyer at their own expense having a home inspection and in the case of a condo they buyer’s lawyer reviewing the Status Certificate (a detailed report on the current status of a condominium corporation).

In some cases the buyer will elect to make an offer without any conditions in order to make the offer more attractive, nevertheless we will walk you through the entire process advising you on each step.

The terms of the agreement have been accepted by both parties at which point the buyer will provide a certified cheque or bank draft for the full deposit amount that will be held in our brokerage’s trust account. If for whatever reason the buyer cannot fulfill a condition and they have not waived their condition the deal will become null and void and the deposit will be returned back to the buyer in full. If there are no issues, once the conditions are filled the deal will firm up and the deposit will be held by us in trust until closing.

The condition of financing is usually quick to fulfill as most buyers have already been into see a mortgage broker and have been pre approved.  Once the terms of the agreement have been accepted by both sides the buyer will meet with their mortgage broker to begin finalizing the paperwork. The common range of time for this is 5-7 business days.

The inspection will take place on a pre-agreed upon date by both parties and will run roughly 2-3 hours. The buyer and their agent will accompany the inspector to your home while he/she conducts their inspection. Following the inspection the buyer will be handed a summary of the findings, at which point 4 things can happen:

  1. All will be good and they will sign the waiver.
  2. There maybe issues they would like the seller to remedy.
  3. The buyer will ask for an abatement which has variety of outcomes to consider and I will walk you through all of them.
  4. There is an issue with the home and the buyer is unwilling to move forward with the sale in which case the deposit will be returned to the buyer.

In the case of a condo sale the Status Certificate will be ordered by the seller at their own expense ($100) and usually takes between 6-10 business day to receive. The document will then be reviewed by the buyer’s lawyer which can take 1-3 business days. This condition is for the benefit of the buyer and if the document is satisfactory to them they will sign the waiver.

Once all the conditions have been met and the  waiver/waivers have been signed the deal becomes firm and your home is officially sold!

Just a Few More Things Before Closing

The majority of offers will allow for the buyer to revisit the property one or two more times before closing. This gives the new home owners a chance to measure, bring friends and family through and make sure everything is in good working condition before closing.

This day can be stressful and exhausting so a good idea might be to use professional movers.

If you are moving into a condo remember you are going to have to book the elevator in advance, if not your only other option is the stairs and no one wants that.

Your lawyer will have you come in and sign some documents transferring title over to the new owner. If you are worried that you already paid for example your year’s worth of property tax or full month of maintenance fees don’t be, you will receive and adjustment payment from the buyer for any period after the date of closing.

Now just a little bit longer……

The day you have been waiting for is finally here! Your lawyer and the buyer’s lawyer will officially transfer ownership to the buyer, your lawyer will meet with you to pick up the keys and most importantly transfer over your new found wealth!

Congratulations, you have sold your home!

New Era Real Estate