Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Through technology we have developed we have been able to eliminate much of the office necessities traditional brokerages incur. This allows us to save on our end making it possible to provide full service at a much lower price. We plan to be your Realtor for life once you are satisfied with our service, which is why we focus on the long term and not just the quick one time sale like so many others.

Besides our extensive advertising we rely a lot on word of mouth. When we provide you with exceptional service you are more likely to refer us to your friends and family. This in turn rewards us with more business and there is nothing we cherish more than referrals from satisfied clients.

All of our Agents and brokers are fully licensed and have years of experience.

No, our fee is only paid when the property is sold and the deal has closed. Basically it’s free until you get the result you wanted.

Yes, this is included in the flat fee.

Yes, this is to create incentive for all the buyer agents in your area to expose your property to their clients. This will get more buyers interested with the hopes of driving up the price. Their fee is paid upon closing.

Yes, you may cancel the listing at anytime without cost.

Yes, your agent will confirm all showings with you and present you with the feedback received.

Yes, we are trained professionals in both the buying and selling of real estate. We offer up to $1,000 upon closing to go towards your closing costs.

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